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Why performance matters:

Performance is becoming an increasingly important and executive level concern as more business critical processes depend on IT. Poorly performing systems have a significant, tangible impact on the bottom line, brand, reputation, user efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Controlling the performance of complex IT systems is difficult because they are forever increasing in complexity and scale; the approaches to delivering them are rapidly changing from traditional to agile, and onshore to offshore; and users are increasingly intolerant of poor performance.

Intechnica helps companies to:

  • design systems to perform
  • engineer performance into existing systems and
  • develop processes and approaches to manage performance effectively

By working with Intechnica, clients:

  • achieve better customer and end-user experience
  • avoid performance issues altogether
  • spot performance issues early
  • get quicker root cause and issue resolution
  • reduce risk with greater certainty and confidence 
  • have shorter test cycles and increased agility
  • benefit from lower overall costs

Upcoming Events

Velocity Europe 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Intechnica's Technical Director and Head of Performance will both contribute sessions at this year's Velocity Europe.

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