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We develop custom web and mobile applications that drive business-critical processes. Our solutions help our clients achieve their goals:
  • Increasing revenue
  • De-risking expansion and transformation
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity

Build don't buy

Complex enterprise systems like SAP and Oracle are expensive and time consuming to implement, and for many businesses result in having to compromise on functionality. Our custom software development approach delivers solutions that are:
  • designed to meet specific business, process and integration requirements
  • architected to be flexible and extensible to accommodate change and growth, and
  • add significant business value through rapid time-to-market and overall cost efficiencies.
The two main factors that set us apart from other agencies are our Business-Driven Development and Performance by Design methodologies.

Business-Driven Development

Our Business-Driven Development (BDD) methodology for software development uses a model-driven approach that starts with business strategy, requirements and goals and transforms them into an IT solution. BDD leads to increased flexibility and shorter turnaround times when changing the business and adapting IT systems.

Performance by Design

Our Performance by Design approach captures business requirements for performance from the outset of a project, enabling us to architect a solution to deliver that performance, and carry out on-going application performance management through the build and into production. This approach is underpinned by our dedicated team of Performance consultants. Adopting a Performance by Design approach:
  • achieves 7% to 10% savings over traditional software development approaches
  • speeds up development cycles
  • de-risks development and facilitates strategic rather than tactical decision making