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Intechnica are one of the UK’s foremost performance consultancies, helping businesses to make their core IT systems faster, more reliable and robust. We have developed our own Performance Assurance Framework and Performance by Design methodology, and we have strategic relationships with vendors of the best APM and performance tools on the market. Our services include auditing, engineering, troubleshooting and testing, assuring performance throughout the product life-cycle across development, QA and operations.

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We build business-focussed custom web and mobile applications that are fast, reliable and robust. Our Business-Driven Development methodology ensures the applications are technically brilliant, highly usable, and deliver excellent value for money. What sets us apart from the competition is that we design and build-in application performance from the outset, ensuring shorter development cycles and saving on average 7-10% overall project cost.

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Cloud computing offers significant flexibility and cost savings. We help businesses architect and migrate applications to the cloud to ensure these benefits are maximised. Our services range from strategic consultancy around adoption of the cloud, to advising in-house or third party development teams, and providing fully outsourced product development. We have a proven track record of designing and building high performance applications on Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure.

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