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What is TrafficSpike?

TrafficSpike is a flexible performance testing tool capable of simulating load ranging from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. It combines the expected functionality of traditional load testing solutions with the speed, convenience and cost saving opportunities of a cloud based service.

Who is it for?

Concerned about your website or application crumbling under a sudden spike in traffic, perhaps upon the release of a new product or during a huge sales push? Or do you simply need to know how it will cope under heavy load? If you website is business critical, such as in the case of any eCommerce site, the answer should be yes; Website failure typically occurs abruptly and catastrophically, and by definition at times when you are most in demand. Slow or badly performing websites have the effect of sending your potential sales away for good, directly to your competitors, and ultimately can devastate the bottom line. TrafficSpike is an affordable solution for accurately testing how you website will stand up at its most critical moments.

How does it work?

The TrafficSpike service, provided by Intechnica, is tailored to the client's specific needs using a flexible Performance Testing framework. Our experienced test consultants define a set of appropriate test scenarios based on the specific needs of the application being tested, before using TrafficSpike to demonstrate and monitor the application's performance and stability under varying levels of load, and over different time periods. TrafficSpike includes a comprehensive reporting suite to provide detailed analysis on existing performance problems and why they occur, as well as the level of scalability in the application.
TrafficSpike is able to use several methods of delivery in generating realistic load, from global cloud-based load through to private datacentres and within a firewall itself; a combined service offers full control and flexibility over performance tests.

Upcoming Events

Velocity Europe 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Intechnica's Technical Director and Head of Performance will both contribute sessions at this year's Velocity Europe.

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