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What is TrafficDefender?

TrafficDefender is a website queuing system that manages the traffic coming into a website or application, and automatically controls the overflow of visitors that would otherwise cause critical performance issues.


Why TrafficDefender?

For IT managers, the top priority is maintaining service delivery to clients across the business. For example, ecommerce and ticketing websites suffer from significant peaks and troughs in traffic based on a variety of external factors; buzz around new product releases, deals and offers being promoted, demand for rare or annual events, unexpected publicity or even natural growth and expansion to new markets. At these critical moments of increased popularity, the last thing wanted is a sudden and catastrophic performance failure.

The reality is that most performance issues are not apparent until traffic reaches a specific level, at which point they will abruptly fail. With cost and infrastructure restrictions over the level of scalability available in web applications, not to mention the natural availability limits of specific products and events, it doesn't make sense to flood the website with an overflow of traffic.

TrafficDefender protects the visitors who are making transactions by redirecting excess traffic to a website queuing system, allowing total control over every visitor's experience.

How it works

TrafficDefender's website queuing system can be installed either in front of a web server or accessed from the cloud to act as a ­first line of protection when a site becomes overloaded with traffic - providing a "silver bullet" for any company experiencing immediate performance issues.

When the system is not busy, TrafficDefender directs traffic straight through to the site. This can be set from a parameter, for example "up to 2,000 visitors". When this threshold is exceeded, excess visitors can be redirected instead to either a custom holding page hosted on a separate system, or funnelled into TrafficDefender's Website Queuing System. In this case, each visitor is assigned a unique number based on their order of arrival, and told their position in the queue. As traffic flows from the original system, queued visitors are allowed access at optimal and expected speed and performance.

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