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What is TrafficDefender?

TrafficDefender is a solution that allows websites to continue to generate revenue even when traffic coming to the site is in excess of what the infrastructure can handle. TrafficDefender automatically directs any overflow of visitors into a queue, preventing critical performance issues which could impact conversion rate and visitor satisfaction.

Web traffic can take your technology over the edge

Crash -diagram

Those in marketing know that there's never a good time for your website to slow to a crawl or fall over entirely, but if this happens at a key moment such as during a TV advert, a marketing campaign or even during unexpected online buzz, not only have you wasted marketing spend and lost out on revenue, but you've also delivered a poor user experience.

For IT managers, the top priority is maintaining service delivery to clients across the business. For example, ecommerce and ticketing websites suffer from significant peaks and troughs in traffic based on a variety of external factors; buzz around new product releases, deals and offers being promoted, demand for rare or annual events, unexpected publicity or even natural growth and expansion to new markets. At these critical moments of increased popularity, the last thing wanted is a sudden and catastrophic performance failure.

What can you do about it?

While sites can be tested up to a certain level of traffic and solutions engineered, the reality is that sometimes the biggest peaks in traffic are completely unpredictable and can still slow or crash a website. Traditional solutions, such as buying more infrastructure or auto-scaling, can be expensive and unsophisticated.

The TrafficDefender solution

Queue -diagram

 TrafficDefender sits in the cloud in front of your website, monitoring how much traffic is going in and out all the time. As soon as traffic hits a predefined threshold, beyond which the site would start to slow down, act strangely or simply fall over, TrafficDefender begins to direct new visitors into its intelligent queueing system.