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Bruntwood is the North West's leading commercial property group, with over 100 properties across Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham, including Manchester's famous City Tower.

Bruntwood needed a new reservation system to improve the take-up of their Red Rooms branded meeting facilities. The Red Rooms service has rapidly expanded over the last 12 months (one new customer welcomed each day in 2011), so the need for a scalable and well-architected system that could support continued growth and customer satisfaction was paramount.

Intechnica's solution

Rather than buying a system off the shelf and integrating it with the current system, which is often slow, expensive and fails to meet precise business requirements, Bruntwood commissioned Intechnica to build a custom system from scratch, which allowed them to design the ideal system for the job from the very start. Intechnica were able to ensure a stable, reliable system that would not fall down, which is key to business critical, customer-facing reservation systems such as that for Bruntwood's Red Rooms.

The result

The new system is easier to use, offers greater functionality and has made the booking process 75 per cent faster for customers.