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About us

We are a digital consultancy specialising in performance assurance, cloud services and the development of business critical web and mobile applications.
We focus on helping our clients achieve their goals by

We believe in Performance by Design, which translates to the following service offerings:

Custom Development:

We build IT solutions that are really fast, reliable, usable and robust. Technically brilliant under the bonnet, and easy to extend and maintain. We are great advocates of Build Don't Buy and helping businesses move to Systems, Not Spreadsheets. In short, we build really fast websites that won't fall over, not on the day of launch, not under maximum load, and not on the day of your biggest ever marketing campaign.

Performance by Design:

An application can only be guaranteed to perform if it's considered and built in to the design from the outset. Our industry-leading experts and expertise means we can help you build-in performance from the outset of development.

Performance Engineering:

Our consultants have expertise in a range of performance testing and diagnostic tooling to assist in the identification and resolution of performance issues. We can then implement fixes or advise in-house and 3rd party development teams. As an independent consultancy, we are not tied to any particular vendor, which means we can offer you the most cost effective solution for your needs.

Cloud Services:

Achieving the flexibility and cost savings that the cloud offers is not a simple case of 'lift and shift'. We have extensive expertise in the re-architecting and migration of applications to the cloud, offering end-to-end project outsourcing and a range of consultancy options to support to in-house or 3rd party development teams. See our Technical Director's presentation on Architecting Applications for the Cloud.

Our emphasis on realistic delivery, quality, performance, value and ROI are fundamental principles that continue to build our business.

Upcoming Events

Velocity Europe 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Intechnica's Technical Director and Head of Performance will both contribute sessions at this year's Velocity Europe.

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